The Hey Frase Bachelorette Party Live Show Recap!

Have no fear, if you missed our live show last Thursday, here is what you need to know to catch up!

Setting up was crazy!  The Hey Frase team stuffed Progressions Salon Spa swag bags, set up lights, and gave the signature drinks of the night a taste test.  With all of the pre-show chaos, Sarah and AJ were ready to bring their energy to the stage for the live show.

Sarah and AJ in the green room pre-show.

The show kicked off with the Men in Motion male strippers who got the crowd fired up!  Sarah was tossed in the air while holding onto her chair, AJ was thrown on the floor by one of the dancers, and the crowd got some action as well! 

Sarah and Men in Motion dancer, Chase.

Sarah’s wild chair flip!

AJ’s floor dance!

After catching their breath, Sarah and AJ jumped right into the bachelorette party games.  AJ created a drinking game for Sarah, quizzing her on some marriage trivia. Then, a few lucky members of the audience were invited on stage to play their spin off of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, called “pin-the-dick-on-Schmann,” (the cardboard cutout of a hot dude AJ ordered off Amazon).

Sarah giving an audience member a pep talk before taking her turn.

We kept the momentum going with a guest appearance from the one and only, Paul Wharton. Paul gave himself a hilarious behind the scenes intro followed by his “wedding speech” to Sarah which he turned into a ballad. Ultimately bringing the entire crowd to their feet.

AJ dancing as Paul Wharton sings a heart-felt wedding speech to Sarah.

Finally, Shmiggy and Schmann were brought on stage to play the ultimate couples game hosted by comedian, Rob Maher. Shmiggy misspelled “Turks and Caicos” and Schmann came ready to win, ultimately ending with Sarah and Schmann coming out on top showing the crowd just how right they are for each other!

Schmann and Sarah celebrating their win.

It was an incredibly successful show with tons of laughs and priceless moments. With the help of the amazing audience, we collected an impressive amount of donations for I Support The Girls!

Special thanks to our incredible sponsors who helped make the show happen! ~Progressions Salon Spa for sponsoring the event, you can schedule your appointment with them by calling at (301)-231-8757 or visit their website at ~Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute, you can reach them at (703)-206-0506 or online at ~Cryotherapy Advantage of Chantilly, call to schedule your Cryo Facial and whole body Cryotherapy at (571)-559-2558 or visit their website at ~Power Up snacks are so delicious! Go order your power up snack mixes at ~Shout out to Priyanka from the @spoonfulofsugar_partydecor instagram page for the beautiful “Bride-to-be” decorations and cupcakes! Go give her a follow and have her decorate your next event! ~Shout out to Mimi Tran for her makeup talent! Mimi can do everything from a bridal look to personal makeup lessons. You can reach her at

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