Hey Frase Podcast is Headed to Mix 107.3 Radio For Test!

Hey Frase Podcast is Headed to Mix 107.3 Radio For Test

Eeekkk, yesterday on the Hey Frase Podcast I made the announcement that we’re testing a version of The Hey Frase Show back to radio in the form of a interactive Sunday night show on Mix 107.3 in Washington, DC. Don’t worry, I will still be doing the unfiltered Hey Frase Podcast Monday and Wednesday as well as our Facebook live show.

I’m thrilled to be back trying the show on Mix for the next several weeks on Sunday nights. You might remember that Mix (at the time it was DC’s 107.3) was the station that Sarah, Ty, and Mel was on for a year and a half before the station made the move back to Mix 107.3. As difficult as that was for all of us to be cancelled at the time, it was the right move for the station. Mix 107.3 is now one of the DC area’s most listened to stations and I love the thoughts of being a part of the team.

I am especially grateful to YOU! So many of you have watched/listened/followed me since my days on the Kane Show on Hot 99.5, and now to have the chance to return to the airwaves on my own terms is the reason I stepped away from radio 3 years ago! Building my own brand and talk show is paying off in ways I had never imagined.

We have a 3-5 week audition starting this Sunday night (Sept. 16th) and provided everything goes well more to come. I would love if you would call or text the show this Sunday night 9-11pm. The number is 800-727-1073 or text 7-1073 to share your thoughts on the show or just to say hi.

Hey Frase on Sunday nights is going to be an entertaining and inspiring show that we can all share our highs and lows of the week, but just know that no matter what we’re in it together and we’re going to have a lot of fun! This wouldn’t be possible without you all and I can’t wait to share this next step with you. So grateful for you, and talk with you on Sunday! xoxo, Frase

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