Passion Workshop

A big thanks to all who attended the first Passion Workshop on January 18th, making it a wonderful success! How inspiring to experience so many amazing people and powerful intentions igniting together.

Passion Workshop

The Passion Workshop!

To uncover passion most authentically is to delve deeply into static. It’s searching to give language to a feeling, vibe, and truth that feels right “on the tip of your tongue” forever while seeming so distant or hiding at the same time.

The simple takeaway must be that it’s essential to remain neutral. Be compassionate with yourself and just keep exploring that which lifts your heart and peaks your curiosity.

Focus on the one part you’re pulling in and getting familiar with. Approach with a sense of play and exploration to create tools and memories to build on what keeps showing up now present in you (like a door never realized but ready to be opened).

Remember, what you aspire to be in some measure you already are, what you deeply desire to posses you have in some degree already acquired it. But there’s an ideal for each of us; a passionate spirit you posses who’s presence proves the very possibility of something more. It was such an honor to see that spark ignite in so many at the workshop.

Passion Curator Sammy Simpson

Passion Curator Sammy Simpson

You are unique in a perception of the world. Not by just being on but fully alive to challenge any comfort zone, old fear or taught belief to be your best to belong in any moment living passionately with what you intimately know. It’s a code for making choices that can ignite passion on purpose again and again. A pulse giving breath to a stronger purpose to connect anything you set your mind.

The Passion Workshop is simply a moment to witness limiting beliefs you’ve been carrying all this time exposed and proven wrong, losing power and making way for true passion. It releases the most genuine smile to light up everything with a dominant idea communicating the most wonderful message that will shift attention for transforming your work, money and life.

No longer stuck in a box but using more of a compass to navigate confidently and pivot powerfully around a great intention now present in every moment for purpose, grace and ease.

The Workshop is designed with collaboration, co-creation, interactivity and empowerment to fill the air with powerful words and inspiring ideas for an amplified experience of freedom, confidence and choice.

No coincidence it was this group together making the workshop really into a revival for passion being free, greatly improving ideas and giving strength for all.

Until next time, keep smiling and igniting passion on purpose,


UPDATE! Our next Passion Workshop is Feb. 15th at 6pm in Arlington, VA. Tickets are $50 and that includes wine and lite bites. You will walk away from the workshop with a clear understanding of your passion, how to start using your passion everyday at work and in your personal life. You will start to lay out a plan to use that passion to be happier and more successful in the career path you choose. Tix on-sale thru

To find out more about living your dream listen to the podcast I did with Sammy: Hey Frase 

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