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This week we’re giving you the top three most BASIC fall trends there ever was. The DC area definitely got a taste of Fall weather. Don’t get us wrong, we totally love Fall, but we do feel that certain activities have been a TAD overplayed. The Top Three most basic fall activities include: Apple Picking, Drinking Pumpkin Spice Latte’s (we know you love your PSL, but you might as well eat ten bags of sour gummy worms and call it a day because that’s how much sugar you are consuming), and Hayrides. We are giving you just the top three, but you can find other basic Fall activities here.

Real Housewives of Potomac star Monique Samuels is on the show as well revealing whether a shocking rumor about her skin is fact or fiction. People have accused Monique of skin bleaching mainly because she is often taped post-summer vacation and is rocking a fabulous tan. Once the tan wears off, Monique says her skin returns to its natural lighter tone but has nothing to do with skin bleaching.  The Full episode can be downloaded and listened to here.

Producer AJ’s man has a crazy shower habit. Do your significant others have any strange habits that you put up with? We don’t believe that her boyfriend showers with his birds!!! Apparently, his cockatiels love to share the shower with their owner and can’t get enough of the mist water. We had to share the photo with you guys because it’s just that unbelievable.

  For more on AJ, follow her on Instagram and Twitter @theAndreaJLopez


If you’ve used a website to find your family history (ancestry. com, 23andme), your records could potentially be used to track down criminals. We are wondering if we think this is a genius idea or an invasion of privacy? You may have seen in headlines over the past couple months, but the Golden State Killer was tracked down by the very method of searching genealogy website databases. Without your consent, your information could help link killers to their crimes. While we are all for solving crimes, do we think we should at least be notified before our DNA etc. is looked over?

Aside from the MIX107.3 show, Sarah hosts the Hey Frase podcast twice a week. Every week we have a segment called “Pineapple Mail.” Listeners are free to send in questions about life or a tough situation they are in and the Hey Frase Team provides helpful advice (we hope). Got a question?? Send away to  This week, we give you an update on our friend Chrissy who has quite the dilemma!!! We detailed her full story last week in this Hey Frase episode  . In short, she has dated the same man for 6 years, he proposed with a huge rock from Mervis Diamond. A few months later, he admits he isn’t ready for the relationship and proceeds to break it off with her and block her on all social media. She was devastated when it first happened and couldn’t imagine a life without him. Now six months later, Chrissy says he has tried to come back in her life explaining he’s made a terrible decision ever letting her go and is fighting for her love again. We advised her to take it very slow (if she does decide to take him back) and truly weigh the pros and cons. Her heart is on the line!!!! The update she gives us is crazy because we really didn’t think she would go back to him. Then again, it’s not our relationship. All we can do is hope for the best! Thanks for tuning in! We just adore ya – We will see you same time next week on MIX107.3 with Sarah Fraser and AJ.

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