Total Dental Care MD: My First Visit! 

Total Dental Care MD: My First Visit! ‘It was the most thorough cleaning of my life’ – Sarah 

My first cleaning with Dr. Mary at Total Dental Care MD happened a couple of weeks ago and I can’t tell you how amazing she is! Dr. Mary has been a long-time listener of the Hey Frase podcast and even listened to me back in my radio days. So when she sponsored one of our recent live podcast shows and was even brave enough to come up on stage we connected all over again. That is when we decided to team up for a longer partnership and I made the switch to Dr. Mary becoming my primary dentist, what a great decision.

Total Dental Care MD

Total Dental Care MD welcomes little patients too!

I’m always nervous about the dentist…I hate feeling any pain so I was a little scared walking into her office as a patient. What to expect!? Well, I can tell you the experience was all about putting me, the patient, first. I had my regular cleaning but because I have periodontal disease (it’s a disease of the gums where they tend to recede a lot, it can be caused by braces) my gums can be sensitive. Dr. M wanted to make sure I was comfy so she hooked me up a strong topical numbing cream and man, I didn’t feel a thing.

It wasn’t just a cleaning, it was x-rays, a jaw exam, cancer screening, checking my teeth for grinding (which I have), and Dr. M is also a tooth reader! Dr. Mary knew from my teeth that I have migraines and that I bruise easily because of my gums! I couldn’t believe it. I have never had a dentist take so much time in checking my overall health and explaining to me a few areas that needed work and repair.

Total Dental Care MD Waiting Room

Welcome! Come on in, it’s the waiting room at TDC

 I was fitted for a mouth guard, which I just picked up, and I have some cavities! Ha…I know, I need some work on brushing! Specifically at night. So my follow up is a cavities filling and replacement, night guard, and periodontal surgery. I’m ready for the twilight experience…it’s when you get laughing gas and sedation! I will let you know how it goes but I know I’m in good hands with Dr. Mary.

I sincerely and fully give my recommendation to Dr. Mary and Total Dental Care MD. They were so thorough, they treat children too. There were several kids there when I was there all getting cleanings and learning about the importance of teeth. I can’t stress enough how important teeth and gum health is. It effects everything from pregnancy to heart disease. Dr. Mary and her team never shame you for your teeth situation even if you haven’t been to the dentist in years. They take many forms of insurance and are currently offering a $99 cleaning for patients that mention the HEY FRASE PODCAST!

Make your appointment today and receive a truly luxurious dental experience!

Dr. Mary Alexander at Total Dental Care

Germantown, MD

(241) 813 – 9111

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