RECAP! Hey Frase 322 – Two Claires Are Beefing Over ‘Penis Runs’ and Sarah’s Classes at the Catholic Church Didn’t Go Well

RECAP! Hey Frase 322 – Two Claires Are Beefing Over ‘Penis Runs’ and Sarah’s Classes at the Catholic Church Didn’t Go Well

“If I leave the Catholic Church whose goonna give them hell? I gotta keep them on their toes!”

On this Wednesday’s episode of Hey Frase, we talked the controversy over ‘penis runs’ plagiarism, the awkwardness of Catholic marriage counseling, whether or not karma is legit, and Maroon 5’s Super Bowl performance. We also had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Lauren Hough about her experiences as a cable guy working in the DC area–which involved Russian mobsters, a caged boyfriend in the basement, and a petrified cat!

First, Sarah gave us all the update on her first Catholic marriage classes, which was going pretty well until they got to the Catholic Church’s stance on same-sex marriage. Sarah doesn’t agree with their stance, obviously, but what’s the best way to handle it? Are the classes worth going to even if they’re preaching some stuff that is just plain wrong?

We also got to talk about karma…so AJ has been questioning it a little bit lately since she took her grandmother to a hospital visit, making her 2 hours late for work. Seems like a good deed, right? Definitely worthy of some good karma, or not… apparently. She completely trashed her car, getting a huge scrape on the side. Is good karma coming her way eventually? Fingers crossed.

We got Lauren Hough on the phone as well to talk about her Huffington Post article that spilled all the dirt about working as a cable guy in DC! She is hilarious and upfront about what it means to be a woman working in a man’s world, and how the #MeToo movement not fully getting into all of the service industries… Listen in and read her article to hear about her experience working for Dick Cheney!

Speaking of dicks, two different women (both named Claire?) have started arguing about who thought of dick runs first. People have been tuning in to see whose penis runs are the most creative and worthy of being called the OG.

On another note, what do you guys think about Maroon 5’s decision to play the Super Bowl? Should they have stood in solidarity with Kaepernick like Cardi B and Rihanna? Let us know and listen in!

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