Thanks to Joffoto Photography my Instagram is on point!

Recently I’ve been really trying to work on growing my instagram and facebook pages. There’s so many strategies for both but I’ve  wanted to focus on great pictures, that’s where the amazing amazing Joff comes into play.

I met Joff several months ago at Fox 5 and he offered to come out and do a photoshoot with me for the day. After checking out his instagram (Joff has 11,600 gram followers of his own) I knew we’d click.

Not only is Joff an incredibly talented photographer I also love Joff’s story. Joff immigrated to the US from the Phillippines several years ago with $5 in his pocket. Joff stayed with family, went to school, college, worked, eventually landing a full-time job and starting his passion photography project on the side. On top of that Joff is married with a young son and baby on the way.

I am so inspired by Joff and so many of you working hard to make your dreams become a reality. Joff wanted me to share with you all that ‘hard work really pays off and consistency is the key :)’

Since we have been working on SO much stuff over at the podcast we have been needing a ton of promo photos, head shots, and just a million other things and he is always so helpful, flexible and prepared. I’m so lucky to have someone so talented to work with and depend on. He does a ton of weddings, engagements, blog photos, podcast promotions and headshots. Joff is super easy to talk to, and get in contact with so make sure that you reach out to him for ANY photography needs. He helps the show and we want to help him by showing loooove and support. Here are just a couple of examples of his amazing photography.

You can contact him HERE and make sure to let him know that I sent you over 🙂

Thanks so much guys! Love you all!!

XOXO, Sarah.

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