Want More Content? You’re in Luck- We’re on Patreon, Ya’ll!

That’s right, babes- we launched our first ever Patreon page!!

What is Patreon??

Patreon is a subscription-based site that gives you access to EVEN MORE uncensored, off-the-cuff content from your favorite loud-mouthed duo. (Because, let’s be honest, two episodes per week is just not enough when we’re literally trapped inside our homes for the forseeable future.) For only $5 a month, we’re giving you exclusive interviews, videos, and behind-the-scenes access that will only be available to subscribers.

Okay, but what do I really get if I subscribe??

For only $5 a month, you’re entitled to…

  • 2 additional AD-FREE podcast episodes per month
  • 1 exclusive video per month that will feature exclusive interviews with our favorites like Danni Starr, Paul Wharton and more
  • Behind the scenes clips, media tips, fashion do’s & don’ts, relationship tips and more
  • First dibs on our new merchandise (which will be out VERY soon)

Our Current Patreon Episodes (AKA, What You’re Missing Out On)

‘Shman and Sarah Wedding Day’

Yes!! I am so excited to finally share this very special moment of my life with all of you! This video has some fun behind the scenes moments of the big day and even some clips from the altar! The  wedding day was perfect and we had the best time with family and friends!! I can’t wait for you to see it.

‘Paul Wharton is BACK BABY!!!’

An unedited, exclusive interview with Paul Wharton, where Paul and I finally address the thicc ass elephant in the room… the real reason why we were fighting for six months. Plus, I get drunk off a bottle of Rosé and lather myself in Paul’s new hair care line. Because why tf not.

COMING ON APRIL 1: ‘The Unedited Return of Danni (Danielle) Starr’

In this full-length interview with media personality Danni Starr, she updates us on everything she’s been doing since she walked away from the radio industry and ditched social media. We also talk about what’s been going on in her relationship with Jeff: how they worked through the miscarriage and the details of how they dealt with the infidelity.

Is Patreon worth it??

First of all, yes. But if you don’t believe us, check out these reviews for the content we already have up:

So how do I sign up??

You can join our Patreon fam HERE. All you have to do is click ‘Join’, pay the $5, and get to listening! Super easy.

And let me tell you, guys. You do NOT want to miss the episodes we’re posting on Patreon! We’re giving you unfiltered Hey Frase content and we are LOVING it. You’ll hear more about our personal lives, full-length episodes with our fav guests, and advice on just about everything. Come join the party!



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