Waxing the City Party Recap!!!

Hi everyone! I am so happy to report back to you guys on the Waxing the City party that we had, and really thank everyone that came out to support a local business that I truly believe in. 🙂

I guess what we should start with is how much fun it was to hangout with you guys and enjoy margaritas, tasty bites, and treats!! We had a great turn out, and I know that you all will be so pleased with your treatments – just like I was!

I hope that you have all gotten to see the Facebook Live video  because it is hilarious! Paul, Irene and I were all in the room while I got basically everything easily waxed away. It was totally PAIN-FREE!! Waxing the City uses a very special formula of wax that grabs onto the hair only, keeping your skin safe and leaving it smooth. I am literally laughing thru the video instead of of cringing in pain like I normally do during a bikini wax.

The music, fun, and people even brought other local businesses to the party and got them signing up for treatments too! It is absolutely awesome the things that positivity, fun, and pain-free waxing can bring around, and I think that we all made a few new friends!

I put some pictures here for you guys to check out because we just had the best time!

Make sure that you all have followed Waxing the City, Alexandria  and a special congratulations to listeners Kim and Jami for winning the giveaway!! But don’t worry, everyone gets 50% off their first treatment 😉

Love you guys!!



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