We Are Excited to Announce Our New Sponsorship with Advantage Financial Federal Credit Union

If you tuned into Wednesday’s show, you already heard me rave about Advantage Financial Federal Credit Union. They (like me) believe you shouldn’t have to pay a fee for using your own money. Open a free checking account today and get fifty cash. To open your account, follow this link and click the red Apply Now button then enter HEYFRASE in the Special Code field, or visit their location at 175 N Street NE, Washington D.C. 20002. They’re open seven days a week, and ready to help you get started!

Sarah at Advantage Financial!

If you need any more convincing, here’s some advice from our dear friends and sponsors at Advantage Financial Federal Credit Union:

Is your New Year’s Resolution to be financially fit? Even if your answer is no, you may find these tips useful throughout 2019.

Clear browsing history when buying airfare online. When you start searching for flights, airlines leave a digital trail in your cache that alerts them that you are in the market. When they know you are searching, they raise the prices. By clearing your cache, you can save as much as $50 per flight on the exact same day.

Crisp bills curb impulse spending. Debit and credit cards make spending your hard earned money very easy. Studies have shown that people spend less when they carry cash, particularly bills that are hard to break, like $50s and $100s. To kick it up a notch, make sure to ask for crisp new bills.

Grab a basket versus a cart. One place where we can overspend without thinking about it is the grocery store. You may go to the store just to pick up a few things and end up with a cart full of groceries. This is because the size of the cart creates a psychological desire to fill it. To prevent this, opt for the basket rather than the cart. You’ll be less tempted to overspend.

Here’s to saving some serious cash!

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