West End Plastic Surgery: DC’s Master Esthetician Shares Her Secrets To Youthful Skin

Westend Plastic Surgery in Washington, DC is one of the top plastic surgery and skincare spots in the area. Dr. Ruff is 5 stars! I have had botox, lip injections, microdermabrasion, and more at his practice.

Recently, I decided to enjoy one of their luxury facials and a little botox. Renee Tucker is a Master Esthetician at West End. While enjoying having my skin pampered Renee shared with me her 5 Secrets To Youthful Skin. I’m in my 30’s and I don’t want to look 18 but it’s nice to look fresh. I believe everything in moderation…food, skin procedures, alcohol! Do what makes YOU happy just don’t be ashamed to show it!

Renee’s Tips:

  1. Get A Product Consultation – I had never heard of this! At West End they offer 30 min product consultations. During the consultation you’ll learn about your skin, skin type, and the best products and routine for you. Everyone’s skin is different so to think one product line is going to work for all your needs is crazy. Get ready to do a lot of mixing and matching.
  2. DON’T Do The Same Steps in March that You Do in July – This BLEW my mind. I have been using the same skincare routine year round, but that is NOT what Renee recommends. Renee says that our skin changes with the seasons and therefore you need to be using different products at different times of the year. You’ll be able to find out what those products should be at your consultation.
  3. Spending More on Your Skincare Routine Will Help You LOOK Younger – Have you ever seen a person who looks like they had ‘a lot of work done!?’ Renee told me that most of the time that’s because people don’t do regular maintenance, and then try to play catch up. Don’t do this. Do little things every year and that way you’ll age gracefully. Also, invest in products. Good skincare products will save you major procedures.
  4. See Dr. Ruff Twice A Year – What I love most about Dr. Ruff is that he and his staff are all about moderation. I only see Dr. Ruff twice a year and that is all Dr. Ruff and Renee recommend. Those are your two big trips and then facials and a good seasonal skin routine will go a long way.
  5. Fillerina is A Hot Product That WORKS Miracles – Renee LOVES this product and says that it is totally underrated. This product works with most skin types but check with Renee. The Filler Treatment is an intensive two-week course (non-invasive and you do this at home) designed to give skin the optimum amount of Hyaluronic Acid and peptides so that it responds quickly and the results last for a generous period of time. Once the treatment is over you can maintain the results by drinking plenty of water and applying a combination of hydrating serums and moisturizers to the skin daily. I haven’t tried this product fully but I can’t wait!

Treat yourself! I love taking care of my skin without going overboard. All the products and services I mentioned in this blog are available at West End. Make your appointment today. Be sure to tell them you heard about Dr. Ruff from the Hey Frase Podcast.

Love you all. I only work with partners that I know, use, and trust. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. xoxo, Frase

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