Were you at the Live show? Here’s your pic ;)

We had such a blast at the live show and if you weren’t able to make it, you’re in luck! We had Intern Sharon cover the show and she got some amazing shots, check them out!

If you want Sharon to cover your event send her a message! She’d love to cover it. Message her at Sdm2.1991@gmail.com or Facebook as Sharon Desiree, Instagram as SDM2_ and Snapchat SDM_2 for her everyday photography.

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Response (2)

    NICE PICS!! Looks like I missed a great time! I had a ticket even though I knew I had a family obligation.. I will make it to one of these! Always a fan!


  2. Jason L(@MLBFan1991)

    Great picture!!!(s)Love the podcast, as you know. I’d love to come on one day, if you have fans come on

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