Williams Sonoma Linen Sheets 😍

Ohhh my gosh!

Two words, guys… Linen. Sheets. I went to the Williams Sonoma event at Mosaic District last week and had a total blast. When I was there they offered me a beautiful pair of linen sheets to try out. And wow, am I happy that I did. These are the most beautiful sheets I have ever hopped into.

They are lavender, soft, beautiful, and fit perfectly. Look how absolutely cute they are!! I made sure that my pillows matched because I love the color so much. (Do you like my Laurel Thatcher Ulrich quote pillow? I’m no well-behaved woman 😉  ) These sheets are so airy, soft, and light – I’m giving them my endorsement as the perfect sheets for summer.

I hope you guys try them, and if you do send me a picture of you doing something well-behaved in bed with the hashtag #sarahssheets hahahah!!!

xoxo, Sarah

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