Would Your Zodiac Sign Make You a Good Sugar Babe?

About a year ago on the pod, we had an anonymous sugar babe from Atlanta talking about how she makes 8-10k PER MONTH in her line of work. (Right? I was ready to quit my job and find a Daddy.) Today, by popular demand, that sugar babe is back! And she is FINALLY revealing her identity! Her name is Iman and she’s a gorgeous goddess ready to snag your man (if he can afford her, that is).

But that’s not all! She brought a guest: her manager/mom, Pamela!! YES, girl! Apparently this sugar babe’s ‘momager’ has been the one running the show since her daughter was dancing in the club. So if you’re interested in how to make it big as a sugar baby, head to our Patreon and listen up. Pamela lets us in on what it was like finding out her daughter was a stripper, the difference between being a sugar baby and a prostitute, and the secrets of management in the industry!

Don’t worry, Iman hops on the mic too! She talks dating, fucking, and fulfilling the darkest desires of her clients. But don’t get it twisted, she has even bigger plans for being a sugar baby: she wants to start her own app for women who want to exclusively date and marry rich men! (Umm, where do I sign up…?) Keep your eyes peeled for “Let’s Sweet Talk” on the app store.

She also breaks down the zodiac to help us determine which sign would make the most money as a sugar baby.

Top three earners?

  1. Virgo- “The limit does not exist.”
  2. Taurus- $1,000,000
  3. Capricorn- $250,000

Who should stick to their day jobs?

  1. Aries- $0
  2. Gemini- $2
  3. Pisces- $25

Want to know where you fall? Hop on our Patreon to listen to the episode, hunni. You won’t want to miss it.



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