My MiracleCord Affiliate Link!

Hi, you might have heard my newest commercial on the podcast for MiracleCord, they are a cord blood banking company. Schman and I made the decision to store KJ’s cord blood and we liked MiracleCord so much I decided to partner with them. If you’re thinking about cord and tissue storage for you baby these guys are amazing. Here is my affiliate link:

The more people that use the link hopefully we’ll be able to giveaway some services or money towards your banking *no promises but that might be in the works*

This is from MiracleCords website:

Your baby’s cord blood can save lives.

Banking your baby’s umbilical cord blood and cord tissue may be the most important decision you make for your family. Cord blood banking offers a comprehensive scope of future treatment options through stem cell therapy, and may provide your loved ones with the best chance of survival, recovery and a renewed quality of life if they are ever facing a life-threatening disease or condition.

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